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It's More Than A Church; It's a Mission

This is an exciting time to be a part of Christ's church.  All around us, the world is turning away from cultural Christianity and society has decided that "the church" is not the default answer to the world's problems.  So why is this an exciting time to be a part of Christ's church if everything is going wrong?

We are at a unique point in God's story where we can move away from what people know of as "church" and begin acting in a way that reflects Jesus and the early church apostles.  We have the opportunity to be a church that contrasts with what people have always known.  We get to roll up our sleeves and get active in our faith; to show people what a church in movement is all about in every corner of our community and around the world.

We know this may all seem a little different from what you're used to, so we've put together some answers to frequently asked questions to help explain what we're all about.

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Making Sense of a New Way to Do Church

About The Church: What's Happening
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The traditional model of church has been referred to as "church as an industrial complex".  What The Well is pursuing is something that can similarly be described as "church as movement".  Here's what this means: an industrial complex is something where there is a clearly defined, highly governed central apparatus where resources, programs, and direction flows from a single administration known as 'the church'.  In this model all activities, missions, and ministries are controlled or permitted through committees and councils.  Church as a "movement" encourages more organic growth through the convictions and callings on each member.  To make that more concrete, in an "industrial complex" ministries are formally proposed to deacons or some church board then permitted after the deliberation of leaders.  In the "church as a movement", the individual comes to the church to help enable and support them as they pursue their calling. 


Want to go on a mission trip?  The church as a movement has the job of helping you realize that goal.  Want to start a Bible study?  Go do it and let us know how we can help.  It's the difference between the church acting as a gatekeeper for new ideas vs the church acting as an enabler.  We want to be an enabler for what God is doing in your life.

Teen study group


A decentralized church is difficult to imagine.  Don't churches have to revolve around a single Sunday event and a single meeting location?  We don't think so. 


Think of The Well as more of a network of Bible studies, ministries, missions, and activities.  The purpose of each of these groups is outwardly focused... how do we reach more people?  More seekers, more disciples, more "laborers for the vineyard".  Of course we'll still have a Sunday worship services, but we aren't worried about how people worship, where they worship, or when they worship.  If we can get even a single family plugged back into a church family because we were willing to offer a worship experience in a different format, then we were successful in our mission!

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The question causes us to stumble because the basis for it is a bit off-track.  The calling for The Well isn't occurring because we disagree with established churches and can't get along; the vision is something many of us have been pursuing for a long time.  Over the last few years, many of our partners have been pushing more missions, more outreach, more activity and Bible study... basically being more than just a 'Christian' because we show up to a worship service from time to time.  So why break off and do something different now?  There is a strong contingent at many established churches who, bluntly, don't really see themselves or the role of the church as focusing on many of these outwardly-focused activities.  That puts us in a situation where we either stifle the calling of those who want to focus outwardly, force the established churches to pursue something they don't want to pursue, or we peaceably part ways so God can work through multiple churches to reach all people.  We want to ensure that Christians throughout the community have the opportunity to be a part of an outwardly-focused church.  That's why The Well is popping up.

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Our church was planted by two friends who served and were ordained together into the Gospel ministry along with the guidance and mentorship of their former head pastor.  The vision for The Well was a joint venture between these three individuals who laid the groundwork for what is being continued to this day under the leadership of our ministry staff.

About The Church: Leadership



"I have been a church member, attender, participator, and leader for my entire life.  Throughout that journey, I've learned that you can never be holy enough to stop learning and growing.

I came to the area in 2009 when I graduated college and began working for the Navy.  I got my undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, got a minor degree in mathematics, and eventually got my Master's Degree in Systems Engineering from George Mason.  All of that doesn't scream "ministry", but the lessons it has taught me about using organizations, resources, and relationships to achieve your goals has been invaluable.  God has given our community and our church amazing men and women who just want to love God and love people.  I view it as my job to help bring people passions and capabilities together to do great things for God's glory.

I live just outside Bowling Green town limits with my beautiful wife, Meredith, and our adorable little girl, Phoebe.  We can not wait to meet you and know that we already pray for you constantly."

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